Spotlight: Katrina Amato

For the first in our KYLA JOY Spotlight Series, featuring incredible women, meet Katrina Amato – dancer, choreographer, movement director, model (and role model!)


Childhood ambition: At one point I thought I wanted to be a dental hygienist. My mom was so confused. I think that was based off of the love I had for my dentist, Janet :) However, dance and choreography have always been my passion. It was my escape. It was where I could fantasize and play in my head. My safe place. Always dreaming and creating, hoping that one day I could make my dreams a reality.

Fondest memories: Lying in the grass or on my trampoline, daydreaming in the rain. Cracking jokes with my dive coaches, Josh and Dave. Playing with my dog, Nan. Traveling all over the world with my family.

Favorite movie(s;): Home Alone, Empire Records, Life is Beautiful 

Most played song(s) on your iPod: Through the years :) Aqueous transmission- Incubus, Sunday Bloody Sunday - U2, aNYway -Ducksauce, Ritual Union - Little Dragon, Sound and Color - Alabama Shakes

Biggest challenge: Learning how to trust my gut, get out of my head, and be easier on myself.

Proudest moment: Living out my dreams as a dance choreographer. Getting to collaborate, dance and create with a one of my all time favorite childhood bands, Incubus.

Favorite indulgence: Coconut or Pecan butter :)

Perfect way to spend a day: To get a full 9 hours of sleep. To meditate, and then watch the sunrise. Being out in nature with good friends, laughing and enjoying each others’ company. Eating delicious and nutritious healthy food. 

Something you learned in the last week: Cherish the kind souls in your life. Keep them close.

Most unusual gift: A pool table.

Recent trip: Habana, Cuba! Game changer. Incredible people, rich in culture. Beautiful country.

My life… is one big learning experience. 


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Twitter: @KatrinaAmato