Spotlight: Jennifer Daigle

We are fortunate enough to work with the incredible Jenn Daigle, Los Angeles-based photographer and creative visionary extraordinaire! As part of our KYLA JOY Spotlight Series about amazing women, we asked Jenn to share some fun tidbits with us. 

Childhood ambition: To run an orphanage that was also a school, almost like a boarding school, that would specialize in creating a loving environment for orphan children and truly assist them throughout their life and teach them the tools necessary to be successful adults. 

Fondest memory: When my nieces and nephew run to embrace me.

Favorite movie: There could never only be one… I have it narrowed down to a pretty small list, and I watch these movies yearly:

The Holiday, Love Actually, P.S. I Love You, Something’s Gotta Give, The Count of Monte Cristo, Sabrina, Pride & Prejudice, The First Wives Club. :-)

Most played song on your iPod: All of John Mayer.

Biggest challenge: Finding independence after ending a 10-year relationship.

Proudest moment: Every time I become an aunt.

Favorite indulgence: Dancing.

Perfect way to spend a day: Underneath bistro lights, either in an open field or on a rooftop patio, surrounded by friends, food, and laughter while enjoying the sunset.

Something you learned in the last week: Happiness is a choice. 

Most unusual gift: I can pick things up with my toes, LOL! (Did I answer that question right?)

Recent trip: Living in Mexico

My life… has surprised me, disappointed me, and has made me incandescently happy at times… All in all, I’ve learned to be grateful, to trust in God, to give control over to him and to pray that every day I could be a blessing to others, so that I could maybe help change the world, one person at a time. 

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