Spotlight: Kat Levy

We are excited to introduce you to Kat Levy, one of the fantastic models that you see gracing our site and social media pages. Originally from Georgia, Kat now resides in Los Angeles where she pursues her true passion for dancing. She has appeared in commercials for brands such as Skechers, in television shows including The Voice and Nashville and was featured in the 2012 remake of Footloose. She’s also a self-described foodie, yogi and animal lover!

Childhood ambition: As early as I can remember, my childhood ambition was always to move to Los Angeles and become a professional dancer.

Fondest memory: As a kid my dad would always come up with these outlandish games to play with my sister and me. So I would have to say my fondest memories are being outside in the yard of my old house running around playing one of my dad’s crazy games.

Favorite movie: My favorite movie is Titanic! I know it’s so cliché, but I love it! I used to tell my mom I watched it so many times hoping that the ending would change and the ship wouldn’t sink.

Most played song on your iPod: My iPod is currently MIA and has been for quite some time, but the most played song on my phone right now is Feeling Good by Michael Bublé. I taught at a dance intensive earlier this month and that was the song I choreographed to. I listened to it hundreds of times before my class. Needless to say, I haven’t played it much since then.

Biggest challenge: Moving cross-country from Atlanta to Los Angeles to pursue my dreams. I moved to LA right after high school, only knowing a few people here and leaving my whole family back east. It was definitely the hardest thing I have ever done, but it has also turned out to be the best thing. I learned so much about myself and about what I wanted out of life in such a short time. As challenging as this move and my transition into the industry was, I wouldn’t change a thing because it instilled a drive and work ethic in me that I might not have developed otherwise.

Proudest moment: I am going to kind of cheat on this question and give more than one! My proudest moments are when I get to call my mom, dad, and sister after I find out I’ve booked a job and tell them the news. Sharing my accomplishments with my loved ones makes the jobs all the more special and exciting, especially since my family lives so far away.

Favorite indulgence: Sweets - specifically ice cream/gelato and cookies! I recently moved to a new neighborhood and there are so many good dessert places - it’s become somewhat of a problem!

Perfect way to spend a day: I would be outside somewhere, ideally at the beach or the lake. I find water to be extremely calming, so anywhere I can relax, look at and listen to the water is a perfect day in my book. And having lots of good food never hurts either. :-)

Something you learned in the last week: Something I re-learned in the last week is that it’s important to really focus on the present moment since that is all we ever have. It doesn’t matter so much what you are doing in the present moment but how you are doing it. Wherever you are, be all there.

Most unusual gift: The most unusual gift I ever received was a pair of crutches from my aunt. I was a bit of an eccentric kid and for some reason I was dying to have a pair of crutches. My mom, of course, refused to buy them for me since I was not injured. My aunt had an old pair at her house so she gave them to me for Christmas that year. That was probably one of the best gifts I ever got as a kid.

Recent trip: I recently went to a wellness center right outside of Asheville, North Carolina. It was both for a friend’s 30thbirthday and a planning retreat for a dance company I’m a part of. We stayed in a little cabin in the woods, hiked, relaxed, got the best massage I have ever had and danced. It was the perfect escape from LA’s madness. 

My life… is a beautifully chaotic journey filled with opportunities in each present moment.

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