Make a fresh start for fall

It seems like we blinked and suddenly it’s nearly the end of August! It’s been a jam-packed and fun-filled summer with lots of great work developing our first line of beautiful handbags.

It may not be January 1, but fall is a big time for new beginnings and fresh starts. Kids are heading back to school (maybe you are, too!), everyone is back from summer breaks (real and imagined) and the pace picks back up at work.

At KYLA JOY, we are moments away from introducing you to the first bags from our fall line AND we’ve picked up a few of our favorite things from other brands who share the same philosophy as we do here at KYLA JOY. We can’t wait to share those picks with you! (Soon!)

In the meantime, as we get ready for the new season, we’re sharing some of our best tips for transitioning from the heat of summer to the freshness of fall. And if you look closely, you will get a glimpse of a gorgeous, handcrafted, Italian leather tote from our inaugural collection. 

Update and reframe your wardrobe.

You don’t need to spend mega-bucks to autumn-ize your closet. Make sure your own classic fall pieces are dry cleaned and ready to go. Shift your fall apparel to the front of your closet. Pick up new leggings or tights to help summer skirts and dresses make the transition. Consider investing in a multi-purpose bag that will take you to work and back, school, the gym, and out with friends. And it just so happens that we may have a great solution for you! (See what we did there?)


Freshen up your ‘do.

After a summer of work, gardening, travel, sun, surf and whatever other fabulous things you’ve been up to, chances are you’ve put off visiting your salon. Book an appointment to get a trim or take the plunge with a whole new look! Ask your stylist for a long bob or “lob” (we are assured it looks good on everyone) or go for a super low-maintenance (but on-trend) pixie cut.

Set goals for the rest of the year.

The New Year isn’t the only time for resolutions! Any day, any time is a good moment to set a new goal. Use the season’s kick off as an excuse to revisit what you want to accomplish in the next 30, 60 and 90 days. Show 2015 who’s boss!

Tackle a project that’s been on your list for a long time.

Whether it’s finally cleaning the garage, putting all of your photos in digital albums, or taking on a daunting work project, pick something that’s been lurking around the periphery for ages and face it head on. Set aside some dedicated time, remove other distractions (we’re looking at you, Instagram) and knock it out. Not only will you have checked something off your list, but you will feel even more energized to move on to the next thing.

Get organized.

Tidy up your desk or other workspace, delete apps on your phone you no longer use, donate the bag of clothes you don’t need, delete your old emails and yes, finally commit to updating your iPhone operating system software.

Go pro.

Whether you’re in the market for a new opportunity or not, this is a great time to make sure you’re in your best professional shape. Take some time to edit and update your LinkedIn profile, including your photo. Look through your contacts and note a handful of people you plan to reconnect with during the coming weeks. Find a couple of networking events locally – the person you meet could be your next client, employee or boss!

Bring it on, Fall! We’re ready for you!