Get to know Jackie Lloyd

You’ve had the pleasure of meeting Jackie previously (here) and we had so much fun with her, we asked her to share more insight and wisdom with us about living a life full of learning, discovery and constant progression.  

KJ: You know that KYLA JOY’s philosophy is “Live the Life You Love”. How do you embody that spirit?

JL: I live life doing things I love to do and by surrounding myself with the people that bring happiness into my life such as my husband, my family and close friends. I like to be spontaneous and not take life too seriously. I live life thinking positively and optimistically and by spreading kindness and generosity.


KJ: You lead a dynamic, full life and have worked hard to earn success in your field. What is the best advice you’ve received regarding professional or personal fulfillment? (or both!)

JL: Never give up. There will be ups and downs in life and in every career, but it's the way you recover from problems or failure that will really set you apart from others and that will prepare you for success.


KJ: How do you feel when you express yourself through dance?

JL: I love that when I dance I don't think of anything else. I use it almost like meditative outlet. I could be having a terrible day, but once I get into a class or performance, all my worries go away and I am completely in the moment. That is why I love to dance.


KJ: What suggestions do you have for someone who is interested in dance as a personal passion?

JL: Continue to take classes and strive to perfect your art. There is always something you can work on and always something to learn, so continue taking a wide variety of classes from good teachers. Also, never give up. You will face a lot of rejection in this industry but you have to be persistent. Keep auditioning and keep perfecting your art and the right opportunity will come your way when you are ready.


KJ: These all are great pieces of advice that can apply outside of dance, too. What’s the core lesson?

JL: Pursue what you're passionate about - you don't want to live a life of regret.


KJ: Any favorite quotes or words to live by?

JL: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.


KJ: What people, moments or adventures have helped define (and refine) your outlook on life?  

JL: My mother has had a huge influence on how I view life. She was a single parent to me and my sisters for most of my life. Growing up, we were constantly moving and often she struggled to make enough money to keep the lights on. But through all the hardship, my mother maintained the most positive outlook on life, always seeing the good. As long as she had us by her side, nothing was ever as bad as it seemed and she felt she was the richest person in the world. Her never-ending generosity, selflessness, kindness and optimism is a quality I strive for myself.


KJ: What are your favorite ways to recharge and to take time for yourself?  

JL: Recently, my favorite way to recharge has been camping. My husband and I pack up our tent and camping gear, prepare food for our pit fire meal and head out for a night amongst nature. We usually pick places within a 3-hour drive from Los Angeles like Joshua Tree, Sequoia National Forest, Angeles Forest or beach campgrounds near San Diego or San Clemente.


KJ: What kinds of things stimulate your creativity or inspire you?   

JL: People that are so passionate about what they do inspire me to do great things. I try to surround myself with inspirational, positive people because I feel I am my best when that energy is around me.


KJ: What kinds of things are you curious about? 

JL: I often find myself thinking about the universe and how vast and infinite it is. I have come to the conclusion that surely we can't be the only intelligent life living in this universe.


KJ: Tell us a bit about your personal style.  

JL: My personal style is whatever I'm feeling in the moment. Having said that, I probably have three main styles that I've combined. As a professional dancer I wear a lot of urban and street wear. I love anything that is Free People so I have an abundance of Bohemian-inspired pieces in my closet. I also have a lot of vintage and vintage-inspired clothes - stuff I would find at a second hand store or a flea market. I often mix and match colors and patterns, I wear baggy jeans, shirts, jackets, I wear a lot of sneakers, I LOVE rings and chunky statement pieces, and I wear different earrings (or maybe just one) to change it up. I'm usually drawn to a lot of black items (black always looks good!) and I would wear pants or shorts over a dress any day.


KJ: It’s finally fall! Even though Los Angeles doesn’t have a dramatic change in seasons, what do you like most about fall? Any favorite destinations? Fall traditions?

JL: I LOVE fall fashion! The dark colors, the layering, the boots, the knitwear… I usually love fall trends more than spring and summer fashion. A lot of family birthdays (including my own) are in the fall and I love the fall holidays. In fact, Halloween and Thanksgiving are my two favorite holidays.


KJ: What are 5 words that describe who you are?  

JL: Dreamer, positive, foodie, goofy, chicken


Short & Sweet:

Favorite word?                        Booger

Least favorite word?               Ugly

Favorite food?                        Burritos

Least favorite food?               Octopus

Biggest turn off?                    Narcissism

Biggest turn on?                    Confidence

Dogs or cats?                        Dogs

Red or white?                        Red

Tea or coffee?                       Tea

Chocolate or vanilla?            Vanilla

Comedy or horror?               Comedy

Teacher or student?              Student

Kisses or hugs?                    Hugs

Noise or silence?                  Both :)

Sunrise or sunset?                Sunset

Photography:  Jennifer Daigle Photography