We Love the Holidays!

It’s unanimous – we all love the holidays at KYLA JOY! What’s not to love? Time to reconnect with loved ones, gorgeous decorations and, of course, lots of goodies at every turn! Here’s what some of our team members had to say about what they love most about the holiday season.


Joe (our fearless leader):

The beautiful winter weather!  I absolutely love holiday decorations, especially decorated homes. Most importantly, I love spending quality time with friends and family.  The holiday season brings out a deeper connection with those you love.


Jessica (handbag designer):

I love everything holiday related: holiday drinks (gingerbread lattes), holiday cookies (gingerbread men cookies and peppermint Joe Joe’s from Trader Joe's), holiday decorations and wrapped presents under the tree (I like to put my gifts in cute reusable bags because it’s like getting two gifts in one). Honestly, it’s the one time I can eat and drink everything gingerbread-related and not be judged. I absolutely adore string lights on trees at night and unique holiday parades and events. (Jessica’s two local recommendations in Southern California are the lit trees in the Disneyland area and the Newport Beach Christmas Boat Parade.)


Carie (operations):

I love the cool weather, sitting on the couch watching Elf in a fluffy blanket with the entire family. "The best way to spread Christmas cheer is to sing loud for all to hear." 


Shari (marketing):

I love the holidays! The best part is spending time with friends and family and remembering to focus on what really matters. My husband is also a big holiday fan and we wear Santa hats when we go out Christmas shopping or general errand-running. When you show up in a Santa hat, you can get a smile out of even the grumpiest, grinchiest, most stressed out people.


Erin (operations):

I love the weather! Really, any excuse to wear scarves and boots.