KYLA JOY + Rolex = A Beautiful Connection

We had an amazing time during the Rolex Reunion held in Monterey, California last week.  The visitors had an opportunity to shop our pop-up store and give all of our new styles a try.
Let's just say they enjoyed being immersed in the KYLA JOY experience.
However, this post is about an amazing connection we made during Rolex, a beautiful story of a loving friendship and one extraordinary woman with a heart of gold. 
We received a Facebook message from a customer a day after the event;
"I have a story to tell you!  Just watched your video about your inspiration.  Beautiful.  I'm in tears.  I'll write back later!  Thank you!"
We are so honored to share this story with you.  The coincidence is quite astounding we must say....   

My name is Joy.  My best friend / soul sister is Kyla.  We met in college sophomore year while we were both moving into our first apartments at SMU in Dallas mid-August 1987.  We were instantly friends.  
I am from Orlando and Kyla was from Kansas City.  We both have October birthday’s.  We both babysat as our jobs in college.  Both have dads named Bill. We are both the first born and each have a brother 4 years younger (who we loved to boss around!).  We have been best friends for almost 30 years.  We spent college spring breaks skiing in Colorado.  
We were in each other’s weddings.  We both felt very strongly about connections and signs from above.  We both also always, always, always loved a good handbag.  Kyla felt a good handbag WAS an outfit!  As you know, they are very hard to pass up!   
After graduation in 1990, we spoke nearly every day when we each moved back home and began our careers and families.  Kyla had children before I did and was there every step of the way to help guide me with parenting tips.  We were each other’s sounding boards on everything you can imagine.  Our favorite topic after becoming mothers was regarding health and alternative and integrative medicine.   It became a hobby really.  It provided hours and hours of entertaining conversations as we talked about the "tree hugger health approach" vs. the "Harvard-study backed approach"…we loved it when they aligned.  We would try anything that fell into that category!  
Kyla lived her life very balanced and literally the healthiest person I had ever met.  In college, she would steam broccoli for dinner while the rest of us are having pizza and Chinese food delivered by the truckload.  I didn’t really care about healthy food until I became pregnant and then Kyla guided me through the health food path. She was the beacon for so many friends and family members.  She always had the most solid practical approach for everyone who went to her for personal counsel.
In February 2015, Kyla (and college roommate Lynn) decide at the last minute to come to Florida for a girls weekend.  We don’t see each other very often as adults and couldn’t wait to be together.  It was a fast but incredibly fun and special weekend.  One we will never forget.
About 10 days later Kyla was suddenly diagnosed with highly aggressive cancer that had already metastasized to other organs. Devastation is an understatement.  How could the healthiest person: no sugar, regular exercise, plenty of sleep, 47 years old, have cancer?  No way.  She was gone six months later in August 2015. 
I see you founded KYLA JOY in September of 2015.  I am blown away by your timing and your mission as it embodies Kyla who inspired people to live the life they loved.  She too was a strong, confident woman with a heart of gold!
Last week, Kyla’s dad was in Northern CA at a car show (I think) and saw the handbags and sent me a picture of your logo.  I can’t even begin to describe this mind blowing realization.  I and many of my friends are very likely your biggest fans!  Your beautiful handbags have brought joy to our hearts and smiles to our faces.  I truly feel this is one of those signs from above.
Kyla and I had many great adventures that will be carried on in my heart forever. Now, I can also have her at my side.
I’ve never reached out to a company like that before but felt these circumstances were beyond normal.  It seemed important almost that we connect!
Your company and mission are beautiful and I shall carry my KYLA JOY with honor and pride.
Thank you, from the bottom of my heart.

With deep appreciation,

Joy (and my Kyla!)

We can’t express how much it is a true blessing to have had received this amazing story. It is a honor that KYLA JOY can even for a moment highlight powerful memories of a beautiful life lived, a beautiful friendship built and the strength to carry on.