KYLA JOY Founder Joe Citizen

A bond that inspired a brand with a mission to inspire women to
"Live The Life You Love".


KYLA JOY is a Los Angeles based luxury handbag and lifestyle brand founded by Joe Citizen in 2015.

KYLA JOY Founder Joe Citizen

Inspired by the idea of living every moment with meaning, authenticity and joy, Joe brought his talents as a fashion executive for some of the world's most cherished brands to his vision for KYLA JOY. 

KYLA JOY Founder Joe Citizen

KYLA JOY’s mission is to inspire women to “Live The Life You Love.” We truly believe that a handbag is a powerful statement piece, that it holds a private world on the inside while radiating personal style on the outside.  We thought through every single detail in terms of what you need in a handbag because you only deserve the best. Lastly, a KYLA JOY handbag is a constant reminder to live the life you love. 

KYLA JOY Live The Life You Love

This inspiration is the guiding spirit of everything KYLA JOY creates.

KYLA JOY was named after Joe's daughter Kyla. The meaning of her name is,
"A strong confident woman with a heart of gold".

Hence the meaning behind our logo. Two gold interlaced hearts symbolizing your beauty, strength and joy.



KYLA JOY Made in Los Angeles

Made of the finest Italian leather and handcrafted in Los Angeles by dedicated artisans, KYLA JOY handbags are designed and inspired by you. Each bag is an homage to the beauty, strength and joy you bring to life.


KYLA JOY Made in Los Angeles

Made in Los Angeles is a belief that is at the heart of the KYLA JOY spirit. Our products are made by the hands of artisans that are passionate about their craft.

KYLA JOY Made in Los Angeles

We can personally guarantee that our products are manufactured in a healthy environment under healthy conditions. For these reasons our products are made with the utmost respect and attention to detail that you absolutely deserve.

KYLA JOY Made in Los Angeles
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We want to hear from you. Email us at hello@kylajoy.com and connect with us on social.