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Founder | Joe Citizen | KYLA JOY

Joe Citizen, Founder & Chief Experience Officer

Growing up in West Long Beach, California I was given an amazing opportunity to experience life from a different perspective.  You see, West Long Beach is often associated with gangs and violence, and in my youth I saw my fair share of crime; yet I am not a victim.

I give credit to my mentors, aka mom and dad.  They were local leaders in our community who led by example.  They were positive role models for their children and for their community.  It was amazing to see how many people wanted to just be around them.

My most admired childhood memories were watching my father mentor “at risk” children in our neighborhood.  I had the opportunity to see him literally turn kids’ lives around and get them on the right path to becoming productive members of society.  He did not let them become victims.  Instead, he gave them a new perspective by opening their eyes to the opportunities that were available if they just focused and believed in themselves.  Most of these kids are now successful adults and still remain close to my family.
Founder | Joe Citizen | KYLA JOY
I love life, and I have an absolute passion for people.  I can’t help but celebrate the diversity life has blessed me with.  My tastes are all over the place because of my exposure to different people, cultures and talents, each offering a unique perspective on life.
Founder | Joe Citizen | KYLA JOY
My main source of motivation is waking up each morning to tackle the challenges the day will bring, to learn something new from each of those challenges and to discover the possibility that all challenges are really just opportunities in disguise.

We face many challenges in the world today, and where there are challenges I believe there are opportunities.  This led me to create KYLA JOY and our mission to inspire women to live the life you love!
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Founder | Joe Citizen | KYLA JOYThe name KYLA JOY is inspired by my daughter Kyla Joy.  The name Kyla is defined as “a strong confident woman with a heart of gold.”

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