Our Products

KYLA JOY handbags and accessories are infused with meaning and thoughtful attention to detail, from the materials selected, to delightful design details, to little surprises along the way.
We make every detail count, not just on the finished product itself, but also all along the journey to that end point. This sentiment is reflected in our business partnerships, our materials, our own team and the attention to detail in our products. 
We believe in creating something unique; accessories that appeal to the emotions as well as to the senses.

Our Products | Luxury Leather Handbags | KYLA JOY

Our products are designed and manufactured in Los Angeles, California and are handcrafted from beautiful materials sourced from top suppliers from around the world.  

Our Products | Luxury Leather Handbags | KYLA JOY

Our full grain leather comes from the most exceptional tanneries in Europe.

Our Products | Luxury Leather Handbags | KYLA JOY

 Our manufacturers and supplier relationships were established with the explicit expectations to support superior quality and craftsmanship.

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